Basic cleaning as the basis for maintaining value

Cleaning measures taken

As part of the basic cleaning, stubborn and sticky dirt is removed from floors and surfaces, hard-to-reach areas are cleaned and floor coverings are resealed.

Basic cleaning can include the following activities, for example:

  • intensive cleaning of door leaves, frames and baseboards
  • Cleaning radiators and sockets
  • if necessary, renewal of the protective seal on floor coverings
  • Cleaning the office furniture, especially the upholstery
  • Carpet cleaning
Basic cleaning is also known as intensive cleaning because the object is cleaned particularly thoroughly. It is therefore carried out by default before a new apartment or a company building is rented in order to increase the value of the property. In addition, the basic cleaning at longer intervals is suitable as a supplement to the maintenance cleaning and in this combination prevents the deterioration of the value of your premises.
Since the type and scope of the basic cleaning always depends on the specific conditions on site, we attach great importance to one detailed assessment of the object to be cleaned. Only on the basis of our on-site experience is it possible for us to make you an offer that only includes the services that represent an actual added value for your property.