Construction work is always under deadline pressure and not everything goes smoothly.

Our special services at a glance

Building cleaning by professionals, because over 25 years of experience speak for themselves.

Building cleaning :

  • Sweeping all surfaces with swarf
  • Picking up, collecting, sorting and disposing of all waste

Construction cleaning :

  • Removal of dirt from craftsmen
  • Removal of labels, stickers and protective films
  • Dust-free and streak-free cleaning of all surfaces
  • Glass and window cleaning
  • Facade cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Sorting of the waste and separate disposal in containers or collection bins

Reconditioning / maintenance of floors:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Reconditioning of parquet
  • Repairing terrazzo floors
  • Stone soils crystallize and float
  • Maintain PVC and linoleum covers

Building cleaning

Be i a renovation or during the renovation of buildings and also the complete construction of a house falls naturally in much debris and other waste. This has to be removed from time to time so that the individual trades can make progress in the execution of their work. Our building cleaning creates a tidy and safe working environment for all trades. We sweep all surfaces with swarf, collect waste, building rubble and packaging and dispose of them – separated according to type of waste – in appropriate containers or collection bins.

Building cleaning

The date for moving into your property is set. The arrival of the new residents is getting closer. All trades completed their work just in time. The property must be handed over ready for occupancy on time. But not in an uncleaned condition.

With our construction cleaning we remove all handicraft soiling. We take care of the removal of paint residues, labels and protective films. All surfaces are cleaned free of dust and streaks. We also clean all windows and glass surfaces. Nothing stands in the way of handing over the property – clean and in top condition