We are at your service day and night in snow and ice

Experienced staff, competent organization and an extensive wind farm vehicle fleet ensure that your paths and parking spaces remain free of snow and ice.
So you can relax and enjoy the cold season.

Your legal obligations:

A walkway at least one meter wide in front of your property must be cleared immediately after the end of the snowfall and any smoothness must be scattered immediately after entry. Sand, grit or other environmentally friendly materials with a deadening effect should be scattered.

Benefit from our winter service

With our trained and reliable staff and numerous hand-held broaching machines, we ensure that snow and ice are removed quickly.
From November to April we remove snow and ice at a flat rate.

  • Wasch- und Spülservice
  • Unterstützung des Festpersonals
  • Sortieren, Einlagern und Auffüllen von Geschirr
  • Reinigung von Küche und Equipment
  • Reinigung der Lagerräume
  • Abfallentsorgung
  • Sortierung von Leergut